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Duplicate or Copy from one module to another in the same course

I have an assignment in Week 3 that some students did NOT FINISH.

I want to LEAVE the assignment in Week 3 as-is.


I ALSO want to ADD the SAME assignment to Week 4 so that those students who didn't finish in Week 3 can access the SAME assignment in Week 4.

I don't want to create a separate assignment box. I only want the SAME assignment to be visible in BOTH Week 3 and Week 4.

Do I use the COPY function, or the DUPLICATE function?

This is not clear in the information already provided.

Thank you clarifying!

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Surveyor II

It's duplicate.

However, a better way to do this is you can add or link the same assignment into a different Module. However if you use the Module's requirement, it will add an extra assignment for everyone (Including those that have completed it)AddItem.png

Alternatively, you can assign different dates for your students


Thank you for your rapid response! 🙂

I was confused about your wording, but then figured out what you meant when you said to "add" the same assignment to a different module.

If this helps others, follow these steps:

  • Click on the plus sign (+) at the top of your module. A list of different types of items will appear (e.g., discussion, text header, assignment, etc.).
  • Click on "Assignment" from the list of items. A list of choices will appear, including "new assignment" and all the titles of any previously-made assignments created for the course.
  • Click on the title of the assignment that you want to duplicate. This will take the same assignment in one module and duplicate it in another. This WILL ALSO carry over (duplicate) any student submissions that came in while the original assignment was active in the original module. These prior submissions will retain their current status, whether graded or non-graded.

@4jb3 just to be clear that the steps you've listed will not duplicate the assignment, it simply link the same assignment to a different module 😊