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Duplicate within a course a quiz that is linked to question banks

Canvas tech support has answered different questions surrounding this issue, but I've never found an answer to this specific question even though a bunch of people have asked this exact thing:

I have a quiz that links to about 22 different question banks. Basically, each of the question banks has 10 versions of a question. In this way, every student gets a different version of the same test. 

I want to duplicate this quiz, perhaps several times, WITHIN MY SAME COURSE. I don't want to copy it to another course, and I want the duplicated quiz to continue to be linked to the question banks. One Canvas tech support suggested exporting the the quiz and related question banks to a .qti file and then reimporting them into another course. I want this in the SAME course, not a different course. If I follow these instructions and import the qti file into my same course, I'll get extra versions of the quiz but also of the question banks? If I follow these directions and import the .qti file 3 times to make 3 copies, I don't also want 3 copies of each of the 22 question banks! I want the all of the duplicated quizzes to refer to the question banks that are there now. 

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