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EMBED a Google doc WITH LIVE LINKS into a canvas page.

I'll withhold some of the frustration I am feeling now..


I am being FORCED to use CANVAS..

I Realized that I could EMBED a Google doc INTO the canvas page.


I published the Google Doc to the web, then used the HTML editor to insert the Iframe. 

I added the appropriate HTML code to establish that the iframe as an appropriate size.. (Because apparently that wasn't an important feature for canvas to include?!!!) 

I assumed that with the embedded doc I could simply EDIT the doc.. and canvas would update for me. 

THE CAVEAT? the DOC in question contains LINKS to an external website. 

When accessing the aforementioned links.. CANVAS asks if I would like to redirect..

I concur (I like being redirected and all)

The result? CANVAS fails to connect with google..

FOR WHAT ITS WORTH.. I do NOT desire ANYTHING more than Canvas directing students to the aforementioned external site.

EVERYTHING can and will happen OFF canvas.. 

Please do not preach that I could do so much more with canvas.

At this point Canvas does NOT integrate with our district grade book, and I have NO interest in redeveloping everything In "canvas format" so that my district can choose another LMS i a few years.. 

riddle me this?   why is it that these links in my google doc will not function as LINKS..


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Hi,  @jyeagle . We are a community who cares very much about teaching and learning and many of us have either been in your situation or have worked to help people in your situation. I understand how frustrating it is to not have full agency over your work or your life. I won't preach to you about embracing Canvas, but I will say that what helps me when I am frustrated about something is to consider what it is like for other people and think about how I would give them advice. Perhaps it would be helpful to consider what advice you would give to a student who is forced to take a course they don't want to take and makes demands of the teacher. Ultimately, this is all about the students and giving them the best learning experience possible in these very difficult times. We are here as a company and as a community to do whatever it takes to make that learning experience the best it can be in whatever situation the world forces upon us.

To your question about redirection from links in a Google doc, my best guess is that your web browser is blocking the other page from opening. There is a similar discussion at Embedding Google Doc with Links where that was the solution. I hope this helps and I hope you will continue to allow us to help you help those students. Have a great day and thank you for all that you do for teaching and learning!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @jyeagle 

awilliams said it all very well! Thanks, Adam.

I share your concern about navigating students to external sites, and prefer to keep mine in Canvas. Since you are embedding the Google doc in a Canvas Page, why not just add your Canvas links to the Canvas page to precede or follow your embedded doc? That is how I would manage this.

Good luck,