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EMERGENCY HELP! 1.5hr intro Canvas training programme needed!

Aargh, help me!

Unexpectedly running INSET (teacher pre-sessional) training on Friday morning UK time on Canvas for about 24 colleagues from senior school (ages 13-18). They will be BYOD, probably mobile telephones but maybe laptops or tablets.

What shall I do to maximise their time?

I want them to leave having seen the best that Canvas offers from the FFT account possibilities (and maybe stimulate interest in buying institutional licence...). They also need to have created a resource they can use in their classrooms the next week.

Does anyone have a ready made Canvas intro course I can get from the Commons that is 90mins approx.?

Is there anything I can do tonight to get tomorrow started more quickly...sign them up to the Canvas intro course as students...ask them to download the app, etc.?

Any and all help gratefully received...

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But I definitely piqued interest, so will be running monthly Canvas workshops.

One query arose: how do you add accented letters to text in Canvas? Is it part of the editing tools, perhaps through 'Add symbol' function...?

Highlighted​, typing accents in Canvas requires users to enable a different keyboard on their devices. It's super easy on mobile, and relatively painless on PCs and Macs. Here are some discussions on the subject for your consideration:

Spanish Accent Marks?

Typing Spanish Letters and Accents

Students Typing in French and Spanish


Welcome to the world of training,​! Smiley Wink Overall, this certainly sounds like a win to me.

With respect to Kung Fu Canvas, some users quickly ran into the course size issue, so Deactivated user made a streamlined version available in Commons, called "Kung Fu Canvas (with videos linked)." The size of the course file for that version is 436.55MB. Sadly, the course file storage quota in FFT accounts is 250MB. I'm sorry that wasn't a go for you.

Thanks for letting us know what features your teachers found particularly appealing! When I was soliciting buy-in from faculty at my campus, I went around to their buildings and demonstrated SpeedGrader. *mic drop*


stefaniesanders​ &​,

I know its a little too late for this scenario, but the Kung Fu Canvas (with videos linked) course has just been updated in Commons.

All the videos (except 2) are now available on Youtube and Vimeo.  Those are now linked so the course size is less than 100MB and small enough to be used on Free For Teachers (FFT supports up to 250MB).​, thanks for mentioning the course Smiley Happy

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I haven't been to school in 40 years!  Now I can't find the "intro Letter"  thats due tomorrow!  Help!  Please!  

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Community Coach, greetings! I'm not sure if you realized it or not, but you posted this in the global Community of all Canvas Users. Your question seems course (school) specific, so your best bet is probably going to be contacting your Instructor to see if they can help.

Yet, if this is an assignment or document, you can try checking your "To Do" list, the Calendar in Canvas, the Syllabus, the Modules page, or Files for your course. 

Hope you find what you are needing!


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