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Editing Submit Assignment Screen


Does anyone know if it is possible to add extra options to the Submit Assignment screen? We've had a request to add a further tick box when a student comes to submit their assignment.



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Hi  @michael_ewen ‌ - Yes; absolutely. I have faculty who often forget to enable the "File Uploads" checkbox after enabling only "Text Entry" and vice versa, so those online entry options can always be changed--as can, for that matter--changing it from "On Paper" to "Online" for the submission.  The only thing that absolutely cannot be changed once submissions begin arriving for an online submission is the Group Set in the case of a group assignment, but otherwise almost everything is changeable....and if it isn't, Canvas will certainly warn you!

I hope this helps, Mike!

Learner II

Hi  @michael_ewen ‌!

As  @kblack ‌ has said, you can change the assignment types and that changes the Submit Assignment page. However, if what you want to do is change how the page is shown, not exactly the assignment itself - such as adding a box that only lets students submit things once they've checked it - I'm afraid to tell you that it's not possible. The only thing that I've seen like that is when you have Assignments integrated with TurnItIn but I don't think you can enable that for every assignment.

Hope this helps!

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Ah...good point,  @lmoreira ‌!  Once they have submitted it, the best they can do is re-submit it. Also, Mike, be aware that those checkboxes are OPTIONS.  If, for example, you enable both File Uploads and Website URL, students do NOT have to submit both for the assignment to be considered complete by Canvas. Either one or the other will suffice.