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Editing point value in new quizzes question pools

I am learning new quizzes.   I have been happy with some of the changes but I am currently frustrated.  We are new to Canvas this summer so I hadn't really done much in classic quizzes.  I am hoping this is operator error.  I put together a quiz.  I had changed all of my point values to 0.5 points.  I moved the questions into question pools.  I then checked and all questions are worth 1 point.  I am not finding a way to change the point value by editing in the test bank and I can't edit in the quiz because it sends me to the question pool.  I am hoping that the solution is not that I need to select all of the questions in this bank, make a quiz, edit in the quiz and then resubmit them to the bank.  That would be a big waste of time.  Please help if I am missing something big.

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