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Surveyor II

Elementary Gradebook

My elementary teachers have a course that goes all year long in Canvas. We do have trimesters but since elementary does not stop at a trimester for a final grade and they do not sync their grades to the SIS, how can they delete grades to start the new trimester with no grades. Their grades are just for students and parents. They only score standard assessments in PowerSchool Gradebook Pro so they do not have any grades flow to the SIS. All final scoring is done in the SIS. Is there a way to clear the gradebook so they can start over trimester 2 with a blank gradebook in the same course they use all year?

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Lamplighter II

One option would be to use assignment groups, one for each trimester.  You could then filter the gradebook by trimester.  Another option would be to unpublish the previous assignments. 

Frankly, I think it would be better to give them a new Canvas course so the previous grades are archived.  But maybe that's not possible or conducive to your instructional plan at this time.