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Elementary classes

I am at the elementary level. My students are in 5 classes, but I want them to only see one page and not five.  Is there a way to do this or do I need to reduce the number of classes in Skyward? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Kenny -

Would it be possible to make one of those classes your Homeroom? You can then create buttons to each of those other courses, easily redirecting students from their main course.

There are a number of good things with multiple classes, including being able to use weighted assignments for each content/subject, color-coded events/activities on the calendar, and being able to organize content/subject into their own unit/chapter in Modules.

Let me know if you're interested in collaborating some more. I can do my best to connect you with Canvas lessons and resources.

I have a main course with the buttons ready. How do I link them to the other courses?

I have a homeroom page with Buttons for each day. Sometimes the buttons do not work for the student.

Do I need to re-set student buttons each week?


I'm wondering the same thing. I'd like to know how to link buttons on a homepage to other courses. Surely it must be possible!!