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Surveyor II

Embed Canvas Releases as iframe

I'm trying to display this page in an iframe (<p><iframe style="overflow: hidden;" src="" width="100%" height="3600"></iframe></p>) in a Canvas page but I get this error: refused to connect. 

I've used iframes before with no difficulty.

Has anyone else experienced/fixed this?

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Community Team
Community Team


I'm inclined to say that you won't get that work because what you are trying to embed isn't a final link to a page but rather to an area of the community.

Community Team
Community Team

It occurred to me that depending on what your goals are, this might come in handy:


That's a great idea - I pulled code for an RSS feed widget and plugged it in my page, but it won't pull the feed, it's just an empty frame.

I'm working on an internal course for faculty to contain technical and pedagogical information. It would be nice to embed release info instead of sending them out of the course shell.