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Embedded images not showing up

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A few other teachers and I are having issues with our embedded images in our quizzes not showing up when the students go to take them. When I click to "Preview" the quiz myself, I can see them, but none of my students can. Help?

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I have had the same problem but found a weird workaround (at least for my case).

  1. Have the students open the quiz and then right-click on any broken image icon.  A context menu should pop up and in that menu they should select "open in a new tab" or "view" or "download", depending on the browser.
  2. The students should then totally ignore that new tab or viewed image.  On one type of browser it asked to navigate away from the page.  This is OK.
  3. Finally, the students should then just refresh the browser quiz page.  For those that had to navigate away, just enter the quiz again.  For my students, all the missing images then magically loaded on the quiz.

I hope that this helps someone diagnose the problem and maybe find a better cure!

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I am currently having this same issue.  My students are not able to see images I have inserted into quiz questions.  I can see them in student view.  The questions have been moved from one question bank to another.  They worked fine in my course last semester.  Would that affect the visibility?

Hi, if you copied the course, it's possible the images were not copied along, and the link for these images actually points to the old course (you have access to the old course, your students don't).  If you right-click the image in your browser and use "Inspect Element", or the equivalent in your browser, you might see something like this in the code (the img means image).

<img src="" ..... >

Make sure the courses/1234 part matches what you see when you are on the course homepage of your course (in the address bar at the top of the screen).  If the numbers are different, the images are in the wrong course and need to be fixed!

I have had this problem on and off your years and it's the first time it was pointed out that the image source could be the problem. Sure enough, with one of the images not displayed to students in a quiz it was from an outside source. Now I will have to go back and check quizzes for that! 


This is a recurring problem at our college; a student will have a quiz where only some of the images load..  Even when quiz setting are correct and images are in the correct files, every week there will be students who have the problem where the image will not show up on their quiz (even though it seems to work for other students).  Sometimes changing browsers works (explorer and safari seem to have the most problems, chrome the fewest), sometimes it is a matter of having the student try again later that day (this doesn't work for everyone's quiz protocols...after all the student has already seen part of the quiz.  It is very frustrating.  Based on how tedious and multi-stepped it is to insert images into quiz questions (at least without something like Respondus4.0) it is seems like Canvas wasn't well designed for image-based quizzes.

Check Jerra_Strong's comment in this thread, that appears to be the issue (the images are not stored in the Canvas course folder).

Surveyor II

This just happened to us today in classic quizzes.  Earlier in the week, students successfully took the quiz with no problems.  Today, not one of the images loaded.  See attached images a student sent.  When I dug really deep into the files, I discovered that NOT ONE of the images copied from another Canvas course were published.  I individually published over a 100 images from questions in the question bank to get the student up and going but this is unacceptable going forward.

When I viewed the original import from a QTI file, none of those images were published either.  We use Examview and export via a QTI file.  We have permission to use these images and I should not have to manually touch all the images for every quiz.

Please fix this.