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Surveyor II

Embedded video quiz: can you manually unlock or give an extra attempt?

I am in instructor. I have created an embedded quiz inside of a video, and made it an "external tool" submission Assignment. I have a student who says it kicked her out before she could answer the questions. How can I give her an extra attempt to retake the quiz, without changing the attempt limit for the entire class?

I know in the traditional "Quiz" settings, you can "Moderate" and unlock or give extra attempts. Unfortunately, the embedded quizzes have to be set up as an Assignment instead of a Quiz, and it doesn't have the "Moderate" option. 

Any thoughts?

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Adventurer III

Could you assign the assignment to this particular student again?  



I'll give it a try next time the issue happens, thanks. I'm still open to other suggestions, too.

How can I edit a quiz for all students at once? If I use the moderator option, then I would have to do individual students. 

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Surveyor II

Has the quiz already been published? Is it a "regular" Quiz, or an embedded video quiz?

Regular Quiz: Open the Quizzes tab, select the quiz, and then click Edit at the top. Then whatever settings you change will change for all students. 



Embedded Video Quiz: you will need to go to Studio, find the video, click the three dots by the title (don't click on the video itself), hover over Quizzes, and select the name of the video quiz. From there you can edit the questions. Video quizzes have to be set up as Assignments in order for them to be "graded" and put into the grade book. Video of how to do that: To change the Assignment settings for a video quiz (such as due date, number of attempts, etc.), you must go to Assignments, open the correct assignment, then click Edit Assignment Details, then update the assignment settings. That will change the settings for all students.


Both ways can be risky if the quiz is already published and has been taken by some students. but you can still edit them.