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Empty Canvas Site

All of my courses and information--everything has disappeared. Please advise.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good morning,  @tlarklark  Welcome to the Canvas Community.  Thanks for posting your question.  I am sorry to see that you no longer have access to your courses.  Unfortunately, the majority of Canvas Community members here would not be able to help with this situation because we do not have access to your school's Canvas environment.  The best advice I can give you is to reach out to your school's local Canvas administrator to investigate this issues further.  Your school may have a page on their website dedicated to Canvas resources for students, so I would suggest you start there.  Or, if you can contact your instructor, that would also be an option.  Also, please make sure that when you are logged in to Canvas, click on "Courses" on the left-hand navigation menu, and then choose "All Courses".  If you do not see your courses listed there, then you'll want to reach out to someone at your school who should be able to help.  Good luck, Tanya!


Hi Tanya,

I'm not sure if you realized it or not, but you posted your question to the global Community of all Canvas users. As such we don't have access to your Canvas environment to be able to truly troubleshoot this issue for you so I will do my best to give you things that it could be. 

  1. Has the term ended at your school? If so then your school may have canvas setup to where they don't allow the course to be seen after the term has ended
  2. Have you clicked on the courses navigation menu item on the left hand of the screen and clicked on all courses? If the term has ended then the courses may not show up on your dashboard and you will need to go to here and look under past enrollments to find your courses. 
  3. Have you verified with your school that you are still enrolled in the courses and were not accidentally removed?

I would also recommend reaching out to your schools help desk, student advisor or Canvas Admins for additional assistance as they have access and knowledge of how your schools Canvas is setup.