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Enhance Canvas with 3rd party tools

Moving from Blackboard to Canvas...

We are looking at:

  • Plagiarism tools (Turnitin, Unicheck),
  • Accessibiility (UDOIT and Ally),
  • Conferencing (Collaborate, Big Blue button, BBB with subscription, Zoom) 
  • Media (Kaltura, Studio)
  • Proctoring (Respondus, maybe Proctorio)

What other tools enhance Canvas (not duplicate) the features of Canvas?  We are on a limited budget (like everyone else) and want to prioritize products to help faculty and student.

One faculty mentioned Nearpod  but have not reviewed (we are higher educ)

We will be having Canvas training the beginning of next year and what to understand how to best help our faculty.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there,  @guilera ...

The complete list of 3rd-party LTI integrations that work in Canvas can be found at:  There may be a handful of other companies that can integrate with Canvas not listed here, but you'd have to ask those individual companies to see if they have any integration that's possible.  The list in the EduAppCenter includes both paid and free LTI apps that you can integrate into Canvas.  I hope this helps.

Is there a sort for those free apps?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @guilera ...

Unfortunately, I don't see any filters on the EduAppCenter home page that would let you sort based on free vs. paid LTI apps.  That would be a handy feature, though.

Would be nice

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @guilera , and thanks for getting this discussion started.  @chofer ‌ has offered you some great information.

Here are some experiences of LTIs that others have shared within the Canvas Community.


Process of Reviewing new LTIs? 

LTI your Canvas for Great Good 

And a helpful Review Guide: 

That's just for starters. 


Hello @Anne,  @chofer ‌ and @BobbyPedersen have offered some good resources. While neither are "free", our institution subscribes to @Turnitin, Canvas Studio and Respondus Monitor. All extremely valuable for us!

Canvas Studio: How is support for faculty and students?

I'm Canvas Admin and I receive very few questions/trouble with Studio ( I make a lot of training videos and/or use the ones provided by Canvas). We also subscribe to Canvas 24/7 support, so Studio help is included in that.

Great to know that Studio is included in the Tier 1 support!

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