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Entering final grades

I am an ivy tech professor on loan.  I am trying to enter final grades - one letter by one name.  There is an exclamation mark and wants me to import or export the grades.  All I want to do is type a letter in and the program is not allowing this. 

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Lamplighter II

Hi Welcome to the Canvas Community!

Please try your image again. You'll have to save it as a local file and then upload it using the Insert Image icon.

Community - insert image from toolbar

Meanwhile, are you trying to enter grades in Canvas or in IvyTech's system?

If you are seeing the ! in Canvas, are you using the New Gradebook or the standard gradebook?

If you are seeing the ! in IvyTech's system, unfortunately we cannot help you as this is the global Canvas Community. And I'm not sure where your faculty online resource is.

Hope you can attach the image,
Cheers - Shar

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I am a new adjunct and I have entered all grades in gradebook. Where and how do I enter final grades??? Is there a place in canvas or is the gradebook enough?

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The process for "final"/"official" grades varies from school to school. Unless you come across another person from WGU here at the global Canvas Community, you are unlikely to get an answer here. I recommend that you inquire at your school. Canvas admins (likely in your IT or "teaching & learning" dept.), the registrar's office, or your academic department's staff may be able to help you.



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