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Entire class quiz results erased by offering it late to one student

I gave a timed test as part of a midterm exam (second time ever - I have had an in-person class until now).  A few students did not show up online to take it so I contacted them and offered to give it to them later.  I searched for how to give a quiz late and found the Canvas Q&A question "How do I make a quiz available before or after the due date?"  It says

"If you are looking to change quiz dates for individual students, you can assign a quiz to an individual student or assign a quiz to a course section."

I clicked on the first link and it explained that one student can be selected under Assign To, rather than the entire class, so I changed that and clicked to save it.  A box appeared asking something about whether I wanted to do that, but I didn't understand what it meant (obviously!), it seemed like I wanted to, and I went ahead.  Now the entire set of quizzes from all the other students have disappeared.

My question is whether there is any way to recover those quizzes.

Thank you.

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You are in luck.  I just discovered how to fix this.  In the assign box where you put that individual student name, add back "everyone" and your quizzes will be there.  The directions are a bit misleading.  What they should have told you to do was to click Add just below the Assign to section then enter the one student name.

Hope this helps.