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Error submitting iPad recordings for Spanish

I'm new to Canvas, but have several years of experience with a different LMS, so I understand workflows and settings. Students media submissions from iPads are not loading for the teacher. I've verified assignments settings to allow for Online submissions & media files, and masqueraded as the teacher and student. I get the same error "Media is currently being converted, please try again in a little bit." The class iPads are 4 years old, which may be part of the issue. 6 students are having this issue.

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Community Coach
Community Coach


How long has it been since the submissions?  When uploaded from the iPad the video will need to get re-encoded before the teacher will be able to view them.  iPads and iPhone tend to record video in very high quality which in turn means very large file sizes.  As such, it might take a little while for them to be re-encoded by Canvas before being viewable.  If it's been more than an hour since the submission I suggest having Canvas support take a look by clicking the Help Icon on the left side of Canvas and selecting Report a Problem.  Support should be able to see where things are at with regards to the videos being processed.  


Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Juli - 

I teach at a school with 1:1 iPads, and ours are about the same age as yours! We're doing fine with updates and being able to support a variety of files going in and out of Canvas.

How are your students recording their submissions? Are they using the in-app media recorder, or they using an app like GarageBand or iMovie? 

Hi Kristin - we just deployed Chromebooks to our high schools and collected the ipads, so this is no longer an issue. Thanks for reaching out!