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Even after cleaning, Canvas duplicated my content.

Hi all - I don't even know where to begin with my Canvas frustration. 

I maintain a "sandbox" set up by my college. Before this semester began I diligently went through the shell and eliminated all duplicate pages and content (assignments, discussions, etc.). There were absolutely no dates on any assignments or discussions. All had been stripped out. 

I thought I had what was a very streamlined sandbox to use as an import. 

When I imported the course...lo and behold - the entire thing was duplicated...modules, syllabus, home page...all of it...and it did so all out of order. It took me a few (seriously frustrating) hours to clean it all out. I have no idea why it would duplicate the material. 

So, I went back through the course and unpublished/deleted/turned off the duplications. Yesterday I met with a student and she said she was confused by the duplications. I was kind of shocked. Looking at her Canvas student view there were many duplications I had turned off. 

I'm seriously at a loss for what is going on. I would surely like to hear from Canvas on this. 

Thanks. From Colorado...


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I also want to add...that in reviewing pages in the active class shell there are as many as three copies of any given page. As I mentioned, when I streamlined the SandBox I eliminated every single duplicate page. Period. End of story. Gone. CANVAS!!! Why are there now duplicates and triplicates in the freshly imported course shell????? 

Oh...nice...classic...I'm attempting to embed an image of the duplicated pages and the upload is broken. Nice. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @mlit 

Could you please share a screenshot of the course import page of the course you copied into?  I suspect that you copied more than once, and that would result in duplicates.


Hi  @mlit ...

Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties duplicating content.  I would agree with  @kmeeusen  that it would help if you could share your Course Import screen with us so we can see the log of possible course imports for that course.  I also wonder if, when you initiated the course import, maybe you double-clicked on the button instead of single-clicking?  I wouldn't think this would be the root cause, but you never know.

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon, Matthew.