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Example of javascript for mobile apps

Hi there!

I am trying to find example code of javascript for the mobile apps (uploaded via the theme editor in Canvas)

Just an example so i can see and verify that it works Smiley Happy

The goal further down the road is that I want to be able to add my own menu items

 in the application.

All help welcome, greetings from Sweden!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

I'm definitely not an expert on this, but here are two threads that give "some" information: 

How to modify the mobile app 

Mobile Javascript Development 

JS will only work on Canvas Content Pages. You cannot modify the menu or other structures in the app, unlike the web. Those are hard-coded in the native app. If you want to add your own custom menu items that simply link to external sources, you can try the Redirect Tool: Edu Apps. Good luck!

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