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Excused Status In Gradebook

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I have have many teachers emailing me about the Excused Status not working or staying in the New Gradebook. They have tried typing EX, pushing the button, and even refreshing the page. Is this a known issue? When can we get this fixed? grade

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Thanks for keeping us up to date on the progress of this issue.  And please be sure to send our collective thanks to the engineering team that was able to create and deploy a fix to this problem so quickly!  Very impressive!


Currently, I can excuse an assignment only if I press on the arrow in the the grade box and open the whole menu of options.  I used to be able to type "ex" which was MUCH faster.  Any chance this functionality will be restored?

Can you type in "EX"  with all capitals?

Yes!!!  Thank you for solving my problem!  Quarter grades are due tomorrow!!

Happy to help:)  Ours are due also!

Hi, Megan,

All variations of EX should be supported, but we're not sure why the others except for EX aren't working at the moment. But at least that one does, right? Smiley Happy Our team will look into it.



Learner II

A while ago (not sure, might be over a year ago now), you can assign default grades to ex. Why was the decision made to disallow that and is there a chance in the future of reversing that? It's very convenient for larger (300+ students) classes where half the class takes 1 assignment and the other half takes a different one.

Hello hfchen‌. I can see how this would be helpful to mark an assignment excused for a large subset of students. There is another way to accomplish this that might work for you though. You can use How do I add a section to a course as an instructor? to separate your students into sections and How do I assign an assignment to a course section?‌ to choose which section should get which assignment. This may not work for your specific situation but I thought I would mention it just in case it helps.