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Experienced Pinterest users--any advice?

I'd like to try an assignment that uses Pinterest in my partially online class (35 students, undergraduate). Basically, I'd assign students to find visual representations of an assigned topic--we would discuss their findings during a f2f meeting, plus I would grade them. I'd like students to have the option of working individually or with a group.

I know I'm way behind the curve--others have undoubtedly already experimented with Pinterest (​ even wrote a feature idea about it " modifiedtitle="true" title="Pinterest LTI App Request ).

Do any of you have advice on how to incorporate Pinterest into an assignment?  I feel pretty good about the "assemble visual images" part of the assignment, it's the "using Pinterest" part I'm not sure of, since I myself haven't used Pinterest before. For example, should I require students to make their own accounts, or should I make one account and let them all login to it?  What would be the least hassle?

OR--is there a Canvas equivalent that could enable me to skip Pinterest altogether?  Has anyone assigned students to compile visual images in Pages, for example?

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Community Coach​, I'm not a Pinterest expert, but from my experience I would NOT have one login for the class. If everyone was in under the one login and trying to pin things to different boards I could see it becoming a bit of a disaster. Yet, it might be fun for the students to use Pinterest.

My actual recommendation is to give the students the general assignment - assemble visual images of X - and then let the students decide how they want to accomplish that goal, i.e., what technology they use. To help them get started you could provide a list of potential tools that they could use. So why do I recommend not making everyone use the same thing? Because each student is different and they might like the look or feel of a certain program better than another program. Also, given the creative nature of the assignment, it seems like students would feel even more creative and open to the assignment if they were given the opportunity to pick what technology they used to collect/show their images.

I was actually looking into this type of thing for my fall class and developed the following list. I haven't used any of these, so you'd want to check them out and see what might work for your students:

Hope this helps!


Thanks, Kona!

I'm starting to think that for the first go-round, since this class is only partly online anyway, I'll run this as an in-class activity. That way I'll be better able to figure out what works before I turn it into an online activity.

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Community Coach​...

I agree with​ about keeping student accounts separate.  I'd stay away from making one account for everyone to use.  This is a big assumption, but I'm guessing that many of your students probably have a Facebook account?  I ask because Pinterest lets you sign in to their site via Facebook.  Or, you can create an account from the Pinterest site and then connect your Facebook account later on.  Either way works.

Pinterest lets you search for pretty much any topic you can think of, and then you can "pin" things to your own "boards" that you create within your account.  For example, in my account, I have a "board" for educational/technology infographics I've found interesting.  Here's an example:

Educational Infographics on Pinterest | Education, Infographic and Learning

...and here's another "board" I have on one of my favorite cartoon comic strips, "Peanuts":

Peanuts on Pinterest | Snoopy, Woodstock and Charlie Brown

So, you could have an assignment where people create a "board" filled with stuff related to a topic in your course.  Then they could share that "board" URL with you.  Hope this helps!

Highlighted, that Educational Infographics board is pretty awesome.  :smileylaugh:


Thanks!  My online team used to have a blog on, and I would share some of those infographics from time to time.

Lamplighter II

Laura Gibbs uses Pinterest in her online courses. She doesn't use Canvas but this link may be helpful.

Anatomy of an Online Course: My Pinterest Class Portfolio Boards


snugent​ , Thanks! I will check that out!!

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Hi everybody! I just posted a long comment at another Discussion here at the Community about Pinterest in Canvas: 

As snugent‌ mentioned above, I do promote Pinterest among my students, although I don't require it. Some of my students are already very avid users of Pinterest, though, and it's fun to show them how PInterest can be a powerful tool for research and sharing. And because I do use Canvas now, I learned how to embed Boards; see the link for how to do that. It's just like embedding Twitter or Flickr; not hard at all - it takes literally just a few minutes.

One of the best things about PInterest is the you can follow and repin, so if I were to use PInterest in the way described in the initial query here, I would have my students set up their own accounts, follow their accounts, and repin items from their accounts to our Class Board, and it would be the Class Board that I would display in Pinterest. I've never done a project like that, but it would work nicely.

Also, IFTTT has Pinterest hooks which I have played with a little bit. IFTTT can do some amazing things for automating and consolidating activity across different platforms!

I hope that helps, and seethe link above for the Pinterest tips that I share with my students. 🙂