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Extended time for multiple student and multiple quizzes (don't refer me to New Quizzes)

The inefficiency of moderating multiple quizzes for multiple students should have been addressed in the original quizzes structure years ago. So before a moderator jumps in and tells me to contact my university to enable New Quizzes, don't bother. They refuse to enable it, saying it isn't secure and is incompatible with other teaching tools (ie: Respondus Lockdown Browser).

So what are my options as a user tied to the original structure? The only option I can see is to moderate each quiz for each student. For my class that is 14 quizzes for 20 students. Let's do the math.... ~5 mouse clicks per student for 20 students = 100 clicks per quiz. So 100 clicks for 14 quizzes = ~1400 mouse clicks for one course! 

The advice offered in the quiz moderating guide is to select multiple students and apply 1 accommodation for all of them. This only works if all the students in your class display on 1 page so it doesn't function for classes of more than 50 students. 

There must be a way to create a sub-list or "group" of the students that require extended time and add a "group" field to allow us to filter students on the moderate quiz page? 

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I don't know of a way to create the filter you are looking for, but I have good news in terms of your institutions position about new quizzes.  I held out myself on new quizzes until it could work with lockdown browser, and thanks to the latest updates I have been able to start using it this semester.  I have tested it with lockdown browser and it works.  As a bonus, the integration automatically opens lockdown browser when students try to open a new quiz from any other browser. 

Your institution should be willing to turn on new quizzes as a result.  The moderate feature in new quizzes has an option to automatically apply accommodations to every new quiz a student is assigned to.  That makes a huge difference with the inefficiencies you reference.  It is not a group of students, but I only have to complete the steps once per student, for the entire course.

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