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Extending time on New Quizzes after students have begun the test

I have been using New quizzes in my classroom. I am very familiar with classic quizzes and their features. Such as the feature to extend a students test time WHILE they are take a test. This is when you will click on moderate, then click on the clock, and add time to the test. 

However, in new quizzes, I cannot find this feature. I am very well adept in the accommodations feature. I tried that feature with my students who had already begun the test and they did not receive extra time, probably because the accommodation was not there prior to test being given. This is necessary for specific classes where we go to lunch in the middle of class. Students start a timed test but as a teacher I am not able to pause their time, or extended it once they have logged in. 

Is this a feature that needs to be added, or does Canvas has a work around for New Quizzes

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Community Team
Community Team


To be clear, are you using the method described in How do I moderate a student's assessment attempt i... - Canvas Community to moderate an in-progress quiz for a single student?

@Stefanie Yes I am, the reopen feature does not work because the timer has ended for the student. I moderated and added time before the timer ended for the students and it still did not adjust their time. 

My thoughts are it did not adjust for the current attempt that the student was taking, but may be implemented on the next attempt. However, that is not what I need. I need to be able to extend the time of a student if they are currently attempted a test.

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for those details. Unfortunately, I don't have a live course underway where I can experiment with this. My interpretation of the lesson is that an instructor can add time to a student's in-progress attempt or add time as well as an additional attempt allowing more time from the Moderation page, but I am not able to confirm that.

Have you asked Canvas Support to have a look? They might be able to help. If they confirm that this isn't currently existing New Quizzes functionality, at that point the agent will most likely ask you to submit it as an idea conversation (How do I create a new idea conversation in the Canvas Community?).