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External URL sites can't log in when embedded

When I add an external URL to a module, I want to leave it embedded in Canvas. But when I do this for sites that require a login (Seesaw, Epic, etc), it won't actually log in. I put in my login info and click the 'sign in' button but nothing happens. It just stays on the login screen, even though I know my info is correct. This has happened to me on 3 different devices (desktop, Chromebook, and laptop). I've tried signing in to the account in a different tab to see if I can bypass the sign in screen, but that doesn't work. This same thing happens when using the Redirect Tool.Screenshot (57).png

I know I could have the website load in a new tab, but my 2nd graders tend to have trouble navigating between multiple tabs. It would be much easier for them to stay in Canvas the whole time. Other teachers in my school are able to use this feature just fine, so I know it's possible. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Is the page you are supposed to be directed to after your login a secure site (https)?  The login page must be secure, because it is letting you display that much in canvas.  If the rest only works when you open a new tab, it could be because the next page does not meet the same security standards as canvas.

Zooming in on the page I saw that the LTI you are trying to connect to is Seesaw and I found this site on the seesaw support site:

It looks like you are not alone in wanting an integration with canvas that does not require a new tab.  The official response indicates they are working on an improved integrations, and there is also a canvas idea conversation about an integration.

You might want to share what you need from the integration in both forums. In the meantime, you might have to use the redirect tool and coach your students through using a new tab.  A comment from August 30 in the seesaw support link above describes how to find a link to a specific seesaw activity.  I wonder if you can program the end of an activity as a reminder to return to canvas.

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