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Extra Credit Questions or "Free" Questions on a Quiz

Ok...I know how to create EC assignment, and I've seen how to make an entire quiz extra credit, and I've read a little about "fudge points" which seems to be a completely convoluted way to add points to something,  but my question is, is there anyway to make a quiz where the outcome is more than 100%?  For example, I have a midterm exam with 60 questions, but I only want 55 of them to count, so in essence the student has 5 "free" questions.  I don't make a distinction over which questions they are.  The test is on a random draw.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Stephanie, Canvas quizzes don't allow much flexibility in terms of the point value. The point value for a quiz is determined by the point value you assign each question. Because of this trying to do what you'd like to do isn't really possible. The only thing I can think of is a slightly related discussion/request that might help give you some ideas of what is possible - Allowing students to X amount of questions but still getting max score

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply. After thinking about the best way to do this for what I need, I think after all the students take the test, I am going to change the midterm to a practice quiz and create a non-submission assignment for the gradebook with the point total I want and then just manually copy the exam grades into that assignment.  The practice quizzes don't figure into the grades, do they?

Community Coach
Community Coach

You are correct that practice quizzes don't factor into student grades. Per this guide - What are the different types of Quizzes? - "A practice quiz can be used as a learning tool to help students see how well they understand the course material. Students do not receive a grade for practice quizzes, even though the quiz results display the number of points earned in the quiz. Practice quizzes do not appear in the Syllabus or the Gradebook."

Oooo.... can practice quizzes be easily converted to a 'graded quiz' after students have submitted it? Might this be a workaround that prevents online submission auto-graded extra credit quiz points showing up in  "out of total points" number in the Gradebook? If I remember correctly, I could then also convert the quiz to an graded survey - to get 'points earned' to be 'out of zero? But that seems better than having these extra credit quizzes show up in the Gradebook as 0/10 points, or manually changing all of the point values in the quiz on each question to zero (and then back again the next semester), etc. 


Being new to Canvas, I am so confused.

I like to offer 'bonus' or 'Extra Credit' points on my in-class or blackboard exams and I cant figure out a way to do this in Canvas. In Blackboard, I would just make a question and there was a clear option for 'EXTRA CREDIT' or not, and a point value. 

OR, I could just make something worth zero points, and add in however many points I decided it should be worth as extra credit. 

It seems like it should be so easy and I cannot understand why there is no option for this in Canvas. 

I agree that 'fudge points' seem really complicated and 'clicky' for each student unnecessarily. 

please how can this be adapted to make it easier? How can I petition or ask for an 'extra credit' or 'bonus question' option within a quiz?

 @corinna_guenthe , welcome to the Canvas Community! Right now you can add a question to a quiz and make it worth zero points and then go in afterwards and give the students however many points that you want for it. 

As for changing things, right now Canvas is almost done with a complete overhaul of quizzes. As in they started from scratch to make it the best it can be. I’m not sure if this will be an option in the new quizzing engine, but if you’d like to advocate for it then check out this area in the Community -‌. 

Otherwise if you wanted to request a new feature or a change in functionality you do it in this ar a of the Community -‌.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! Will I need to manually go in and enter points for zero point questions for each student?

Yes, you would need to go in and give the appropriate number of points to each student for the extra credit question.