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FFT: Settings to allow instructors to regulate student-initiated Conferences?

In Free for Teachers (FFT) version, how can an instructor regulate student-initiated Conferences?

For example, can the ability for students to create Conferences be turned off? Other than by course policy, is there a way to require recordings? (Pretty sure that last one is a "no," but wanted to ask, anyway.)

I actually appreciate the ability of students to organize their own study groups and meetings via Canvas Conferences. This has been very useful for my high school courses over the past several years. And during the pandemic, student-created Conferences can be another healthy source of socializing and peer support, as it allows distance learners to get to know each other better. But -- especially with some student populations and situations -- it might not always be optimal to allow free reign.

So, what moderation/control/options are available for instructors in the FFT version Canvas?

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Some of this may be slightly different in FFT, but in general...

You can hide conferences altogether in course settings > navigation.  Just drag conferences (and any other tab you will not use in this course) below the divide, and then click save at the very bottom of the page.  You can change this as often as necessary.  (For example, at the beginning and end of a school day, if you only want this to be possible while you are monitoring.)

If you want to run conferences without letting students run their own, an admin can restrict access for all students at your institution.  Then you would keep conferences in the navigation menu, but students would only have the option to join a conference started by you.

If your institution lets students start a conference, and as an instructor, you join a conference started by a student, you will automatically have moderator permissions: You should be able to start the recording yourself at that time.

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