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Faculty Feedback

(We have about a dozen instructors trying the new Gradebook this semester, and are in the process of collecting feedback based on their experience so far.  I will submit more comments as they come in. )

Overall it is working well for me. I like the set default grade function and message students who function. Here are some areas for improvement:

  • I would like to see the students profile pic in the grade book to help me learn their names.
  • I would rather not see their section info under their name, seems to clutter the view and make it harder to visually find a name to enter a grade.  Perhaps make another mutable column that displays section info.
  •  The sort by missing action does not work. The data does not sort.
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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Chris,

Thanks for passing on the feedback! 

Profile pics: Profile pictures are located in the new grade detail tray for each student in the Gradebook (see Canvas Release: New Gradebook). A workaround would be to use the People page and print the roster, or keep tabs on this idea on product radar:" modifiedtitle="true" title="Prin....

Section Info: This information is populated in the Student Name column by the Secondary Info menu. There's an option to display no secondary information, which will solve this perfectly!

Missing sort: Unfortunately that information doesn't give us enough information to adequately know the behavior your instructor is seeing. Submitting a support case to the Canvas Support team would help; please submit the URL of the course your instructor was viewing and which assignment column was being viewed. That way our team can see how the assignment was set up and how the assignment is graded among various students.