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Faculty surveys and Canvas

We're looking at giving surveys each semester to get a better understanding of faculty strengths and weaknesses in Canvas in order to prepare for Faculty Development workshops for the following semester.  Does anyone administer any sort of Canvas assessments/surveys that help you gauge where your faculty are at and what sorts of training you can offer to help them grow as Canvas users? If so, would you be willing to share your questions? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach‌, attached are the questions we ask our faculty each year about how things are going with Canvas; been doing this since 2013. We use the results from this survey to help us decide which face-to-face trainings faculty would like/need, changes we need to make in our Online Training materials, as well as how well things are going overall. Hope it helps!

In addition, since there is no right or wrong answer to this question I've switched it over to a discussion!

Community Member

Hi ! I'm an instructor at my school (Univ. of Oklahoma), so not directly involved in faculty PD... but since this is our first year with Canvas, I've done two surveys of my STUDENTS and their use of Canvas just in my own classes, and the most useful questions was asking the students what advice they would give to students who are new to Canvas, and also advice to instructors. They definitely have some thoughts about what instructors need to do / to do better. The surveys and results are linked here, where I was hoping to learn what other kinds of student surveys people might be doing at other campuses:

What do your students say about Canvas? 

My sense is that student surveys are equally as important as faculty surveys. Students are able to comment from their own perspective, and since what faculty are doing is ultimately intended to reach the students (one hopes), their feedback needs to be part of the equation also IMO.