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Failed import - File upload process timed out

I have a Canvas export file provided by a teacher from another school.  It is 2.5GB in size.  It is too large for FFT account.  If I use the admin console on a self-hosted account to change all of the quotas up to 10GB, I no longer get the file size error.  Instead, I get the spinning wheel for a while until I refresh the screen.  When I go back to the import screen to check the progress, I get a Failed import.  The message is "The file upload process timed out"

It does not matter if I am doing this from a browser on a remote machine, or even on the machine the LMS is running on.

Does anyone know how to increase the timeout or otherwise deal with this error.

Note: This is not a quota problem or a content type issue.

I've attached a picture of the message.

Canvas file upload process timed out error

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