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Failed to Update Quiz Entry


I am creating a New Quiz and I want to do random number of questions from a test bank. This normally works just fine, but now for two different question sets, it is telling me "failed to update quiz entry" when I try. It lets me enter all of the questions, but not a random number. 

Is there something I'm doing wrong?


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I noticed that three of us, around 10 pm last night, all experienced this issue. Tried again this morning and it's still not working.

Surveyor II

Yes, same problem here. A mission critical hangup for this week's exams!

Reckon I followed precisely but no joy.

Community Member

Same here! frustrating with final exam coming up


I don't know if this helps, but I received this error message today in quizzes when trying to do what you did. After trying several times, I ended up editing the point per question to 2 and then changed it back to 1. Then, my editing saved.

this works! thanks, Michelle.

Awesome, works for me too, thank you!

Fantastic!  This works...thank you Michelle!

OMG!! SOO GLAD you caught that fix! Thanks!!