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Feedback on New Gradebook

Hello Colleagues and Canvas Dev team,

Here is a little feedback about our observation and experience with the new gradebook so far.  We're about to start a pilot with several teachers using the new Canvas Gradebook and will definitely add more feedback over the coming weeks.

  • The Sync Grades to SIS menu item should only appear if you have enabled SIS syncing.  This will be a point of confusion to teachers for those districts that are not using a sync.  It should work similar to how Grading Periods does not appear in filters unless you are using a term associated with a grading period. 
  • Grading Periods filter should automatically be on the screen if your course / term are associated with a grading period.  It is on the screen with the current gradebook and is a key piece of information for teachers.
  •  It would be great to see some kind of bulk change method for updating the colors or assignment status.  The "set default grade" is a good feature.  
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