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Fill-in-Multiple-Blanks quiz question error “text is too long”.

Hello-My school has moved from Blackboard to Canvas and while most of my test banks moved over correctly, I am having trouble getting some of my longer, multiple fill in the blank questions to import. Specifically, I get an error that says “text is too long”. Further research of this issue suggests the text is larger than 16kb. Some of my questions have images or small tables with data and I have to delete nearly everything to get under 16kb. For example, to get one ~6x6 table with basic text/math symbols in it (and nothing else, just a single table) into the question required me to delete nearly all the text within the table. I find this to be crazy. It worked fine in Blackboard but Canvas seems to critically restrict the amount of information I can display. 

Is there anything I can do to increase the file size or decrease my file sizes without deleting key information?

More information: 

This is in a stats class where we are doing hypothesis tests where each question has several parts (e.g., 10 steps unique to each question). To build the class/tests the way I want, I build pools where students will get one of several different types of questions that need to be long answer that stay nested together, this is why I am stuck using multiple fill in the blank. 

Pool #1: (student will get one of these randomly)

Question 1 or

Question 2 or 

Question 3

Pool #2: (student will also get one of these randomly)

Question 1 or

Question 2 or 

Question 3


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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Howdy Jen,

At FIU Online, we also experienced the same issue with some of our Finance courses. I can't say this is the only right answer, but what I did is place those long tables into a PDF document and link it to the question. Just make sure if you are using a proctoring service that you specify they can open/use those documents within the test, ie potentially open in a new window.

Sky V.

Thank you, Sky for your response. Interesting workaround. I do, however, use Respondus Lockdown Browser for my exams (not quizzes etc.) so I bet this would not work. However, perhaps images of the tables/figures etc. might reduce the file size? I do already use some screenshots of images. Seems like a lot of extra work, in particular, when updating problems but at least it is an idea! I could also not use Respondus. I built these pools so that I could have student all have slightly different exams (~150 multiple choice questions where they get n=25 and 4-5 sets of long answers, each with three options) to prevent sharing but it is also nice because if a student does get kicked out, I can reset the exam without worrying about them having too much of an advantage over another student. 

Thanks again!