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Final course grades: IFTTT—90% in the course, failed final exam = failed course

Hi there. Is there an IFTTT feature in Canvas's new gradebook? For example, a student completes all the course content and assignments and ends with a passing grade. They take the final exam and fail it. The requirements are that they must have a 90% AND get 80% on the final exam to pass the course. Possible?

I have seen this question with modules and assignments before. 

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Community Coach

 @ahockman2018 , greetings! It would be pretty cool if you could use this type of logic in the gradebook. Unfortunately, as of right now, no, there isn't a way on the front end of Canvas to do this type of thing in the Gradebook. 


I appreciate your response, Kona. 



There are a couple of options available, but none are automatic.

One way is How do I override a student's final grade in the Gradebook? 

Another other way is to to play games with the math in the gradebook.

  • If you're using a points-based gradebook, then you can create a 1,000,000 point assignment called "Failed Final". Put a 0 for those who fail the final and leave it blank for those who don't. Make sure it cannot be dropped if you have any rules allowing that. It doesn't have to be a million, but it should be large enough that it overrides the sum total of every other grade in the course and gives them a failing grade.
  • If you're using a weighted gradebook, you can create assignment group that has a single assignment in it. The assignment is "course grade" and up until the final exam, it's worth 0% of the grade. After the final is taken, you transfer the final grade for every student to that column except for those who failed the final and you give them a 0. Then you make all of the other assignment groups worth 0% and this one group worth 100%.

Thank you so much for this!


I did play around with this in Old Quizzes, where during the preview, if the timer runs down to 0:00, an automatic zero grade is returned.