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Final nail in the coffin for the iOS SpeedGrader app?

I have a very very old iPad that will not run iOS 10, so I can't install Canvas Teacher (though it looks great!). Up to last week or so, I was able to use the old SpeedGrader app to grade and annotate papers, though I think it was finally phased out in July. As of this week, I can see my class and assignment list, but can no longer load the .docx files to annotate and grade. Did something change--should I go ahead and trash the app and go back to marking up pdf files--or is this a temporary server issue of some kind? If it's really, really, dead, maybe this can serve as the final, official notice!


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @Joel_Shaver ‌, 

This may have been a temporary blip. I just tried on my iPad and can still access documents in the app. SpeedGrader was upgraded to the new DocViewer before it was removed from the store last July. As you already know, it's no longer supported or developed, so it could stop working permanently at any time. If you are looking to upgrade to a iOS 10 supported device in the future, this is a great matrix to check out: iOS Version Device Support - Google Sheets. Good luck!

Hmm interesting. I'm still not able to on my iPad. But I went ahead and got me a new one. Thanks for the reply!

 @Joel_Shaver ‌, 

I'm glad to hear you got a new iPad! Enjoy it, as the Teacher app is a great complete app. 

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I also can't get the docx files to load consistently in Speedgrader on my iPad, and I am running iOS 10.3.3. Is there any solution to this? It really disrupts my grading functionality.

Hi,  @erbell ‌


Yes, the SpeedGrader app was removed from the store last July and is no longer supported. You will need to access SpeedGrader on the mobile device through the Teacher App only now. If you are using an old version of SpeedGrader, I suggest you delete the app.