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Firefox Webcam issue with Studio

Is anyone else having problems accessing the webcam record function through Canvas Studio in Firefox? I don't have the same issues with Chrome but I want our Faculty to have full functionality on all platforms (that support).

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Yes, I'm also having an issue but only within the last week. I am no longer seeing the "Allow" options for the webcam or microphone. I manually set Firefox to always allow the camera/mic on the Studio page, but I still am receiving a Canvas error telling me to "Please allow Studio to access your webcam." I would love to know if anyone is finding workarounds or has a process to get the webcam record working!

Studio screenshot with error message

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Has anyone reported this to Canvas Support yet?

Some of my staff have just started reporting the issue with Firefox. I haven't tried this workaround myself, but a teacher shared this: "What worked for me was to select screen recording first and download the app. (you have to click the 'cardboard' box in the screen that pops up once the app is downloaded on your browser. Found that out after a few attempts). After I got the screen recording app up and running, I was prompted to give it access to my webcam. Once I gave the app access and returned to canvas, I selected the webcam recording again and a prompt came up to allow my browser to access my webcam. "

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Highlighted‌, yes I have a ticket in with Canvas Support. I submitted it this morning and am waiting to hear back.

Thanks for sharing the workaround! I did try it and was able to get my webcam to come up by first selecting "Screen Capture" and then changing the record setting from "Both" to "Webcam." I appreciate the help!!


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