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Former Students Still In Sub-Account


I am a tech coach at a middle school and have a problem that I bet some of you more-experienced Canvas Admins can help me with.

In our sub-account (which is just our middle school), under "People", we have our current students along with every student who has ever taken a course at our school.  This includes a lot of current high school students.  When I click on their names, it shows them enrolled in completed courses from previous years.

Is there a way to remove these students from our Sub-Account?  We do not need these students receiving our school-wide announcements.  I also do not like managing their profile pictures if they get reported, as they are not in my building anymore.

My first thought is that our courses used to not have end dates, but I viewed one high school student and added end dates to all of his former middle school courses with no change in his status.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for the help!

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Explorer II


I'm surprised this topic hasn't generated more response. We have a similar situation. We have a sub-account for our high school dual enrollment program and another for our college undergrads. We have students who start by taking dual enrollment courses and then move on to become matriculating undergrads. We've noticed that Global Announcements sent to the Dual Enrollment sub-account are being delivered to undergrad students who were once Dual Enrollment students.

The documentation says: "Global announcements and notifications are only sent to users with active enrollments in the current term." That turns out to indeed be the case, but it's not appropriate.

A better rule would be: "Global announcements and notifications are only sent to users with active enrollments in the relevant sub account in the current term."

I'd love to see this matter escalated.

Michael Keen
Landmark College