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In a Canvas sub-account, can you embed a question and answer form in a page and export that content?

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Hello Debra,

Can you describe in a little more detail what it is that you're trying to do?  That would help us figure out if there are tools in Canvas that might work for what you need.


Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @debra_slack ...

I agree with  @mzimmerman 's reply.  We need a bit more information from you in order to know how to reply.  The first part of your question (Can you embed a form?) is easy.  The answer is: Yes!  (The sub-account shouldn't be relevant.)  You can embed forms created in Google Docs/Google Drive, Office 365, etc.  The question that is a little unclear is what you mean by "export".  Are you wanting to export the data you received in those forms?  If so, that wouldn't be handled in Canvas.  That would be handled through the form itself.  (Usually Google or O365 will give you a screen to view all the results.)  If you are asking to export the course page that the form is embedded in, that's a different question.  What is the end goal of the export?  If you could help clarify some of this information, that would be great.  Thanks Debra.