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Formula Question: Calculated variables in question text

I have recently made the switch from MOODLE to Canvas and I have been learning the capabilities of the Formula question type. MOODLE has the capability of calculating parts of the question using the variables. For example, if I wanted to multiply two variables together to form part of the question I would type {={x}*{y}} and that would show up to the students as the product of the two variables. Is there a similar capability in Canvas, or can I only represent isolated variables in the question?

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Hi Welcome to the Canvas Community!

I am not a math teacher, so my help may be limited, and I also do not know if you are using the legacy quiz tool or New Quizzes...........

Check out this guide for the legacy quiz tool: How do I create a Formula quiz question with a single variable? 

And this guide if using New Quizzes: 

Those guides also include links to two other references:

I will also ping the awesome‌ who does teach math using Canvas, and is incredibly knowledgeable.


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The guides do not reference this whatsoever, that is why I asked this question. I think Canvas lacks the capability, but I was hoping someone could tell me one way or the other.

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This is not supported directly, but you can fake it based Canvas creates the values in the browser not the server. Here's an blog post I wrote about it: Using Calculated Values in the Text of Formula Questions 

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Thanks for the response. Not what I was hoping for, but it's what I expected. Looks like I need to consider just paying the money for the superior capabilities of MOODLE.