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Fully online learning (no teacher involved)

We use Canvas to exchange knowledge and assignments between teacher and student. Sometimes quizzes are also used.
We also want to use Canvas for an individual e-learning course. Students participate in their own time and pace. No teacher is involved. The student must practice his knowledge in cases. Questions are asked about the case studies. These questions are not intended as a test, it is not a quiz or exam. The question is for learning. However, Canvas shows points and a time limit (a score) to the student. Who has experience and tips to ensure that the student answers the questions in order to apply and learn the knowledge instead of feeling tested? All tips are welcome!

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Learner II

If you are looking for an option that is less assessment focused, a discussion might be a better idea than a Canvas quiz. Discussions naturally lend themselves to open expression and learning from each-other. 


Thank you for your reply.

The students in this education follow the course on their own. There are no other students involved to have discussions with. I suppose Canvas is more a system for a classroom setting (with other participants) than a tool to establish individual learning.