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Gallery of sample Canvas courses?

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I keep having faculty ask if they could see some sample Canvas courses... just so they can see what it might look like, and start thinking how they may want to lay our their course.

Is there anything like that in the Canvas Community?

And, to anticipate one response: Our university has elected NOT to engage the Canvas Commons. So, that doesn't help me... unless there is some component of the Commons webspace that is free-to-all.

Would appreciate any input or re-direction.

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Thank you, Kristin. This is a nice addition to my info page.


Hi  @cliff_cunningha 

I know it is not quite an answer to what you asked for but maybe it helps. 

We went live on Canvas at Reykjavik University last fall with around 450 teachers. As we were moving from a bespoke system that was mostly an upload/download file repository our teachers were not at all used to all that freedom in course content design.

In order to limit the confusion for our teachers we set up a template course (you can view it here based on a template from Canvas. In our integration with our SIS we copy the content of that course to all courses created by the integration. That way teachers have a starting point to build on and don't have to start from scratch. We also did short video tutorials demonstrating how teachers should work with the template - . 

What we learned was that the students really like the unified design and complained when teachers went for a different  design. 

I think it really helped us to get started with a new system and made the transition a lot easier.

The only thing is that now when teachers want to copy their course from last fall to the same course next fall (that already has the template) they will have to do some housekeeping to clean up what gets left of the template. 

Thank you so much, Rebekka.

I am starting to collect a nice little catalog of all these examples.

Have a nice weekend.



 @cliff_cunningha ‌ We should get together to discuss this, good insights in the comments, maybe we can build something together!