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Getting to the SpeedGrader is harder :(

Getting into the SpeedGrader from the new gradebook is a little harder/confusing. In the old SpeedGrader you could click on the menu icon in the header of an assignment and could choose SpeedGrader from the list (see attached image 01_speedgrader.png).

Now, if you click on the menu icon in the header of an assignment SpeedGrader is missing from the menu (see attached image 02_speedgrader.png). In order to get the SpeedGrader, you have to click on an individual cell and then click the icon that looks like a door with an arrow (see attached image 03_speedgrader.png).


Is it possible to add SpeedGrader back into menu accessed through the header of an assignment?

NOTE: I appreciate that the menu icon is always visible. Thank you.

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Explorer II

Jon, is this issue the one called out as a known/temporary issue? 

Yes! Thank you,  @rake_9 . 

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Jon,

We've removed this as a known issue, as it's not really an issue with the functionality itself. The team is continuing to add features to the New Gradebook, and access to SpeedGrader will continue to get easier. Previously the SpeedGrader link wasn't even in New Gradebook as of a month ago, so the team is making progress! Smiley Happy