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Glitch With Text Formatting

When formatting text within any textbox body in canvas using the rich text editor. I noticed that upon formatting say 3 lines or so to make them all 12pt font, then if I want to make the first like a header 3, the content does not become formatted correctly. The padding is implemented correctly however, the header 3 style is ignored. Upon looking into the HTML I noticed when you format with text, you get a span attribute placed around the text which succeeds the h3,h2,h1,or any header tag. Therefore, if say an instructor or someone less technically inclined with HTML attempts to do something like this, I do feel it would become an issue.

The only way I could circumvent is to manually dispose of that extra span tag and it fixes the issue

I do not know if that's where this belongs but I thought people could use this knowledge to help if they're having this issue.

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Community Team
Community Team‌, have you submitted a support ticket about this (How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?