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Global Announcements with new UI

Our institution is trying to decide on how to handle global announcements once the new UI is in effect.

In the new UI, the announcements cause the courses to be shifted down; therefore, the students start to think that their courses are no longer in Canvas, in return causing them to panic and call.

How do I make a global announcement in an account?

I have read the above document.

I would like to get some feedback, if possible, on what other institutions are using for global announcements?

Do you have a certain size for the announcements so that the courses are still visible?

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szabarovska@nemcc.edu, since your prompt invites open-ended participation, I've changed the format of your post to a discussion. I've also shared it with the Canvas Admins​ group inasmuch as only admins can post global announcements. And I've also shared it with the User Group: New UI group to get feedback from those who have switched to the new UI. The discussion remains visible to all users, however, so that end-users of global announcements--teachers and students--can provide their perspective as well.

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My organization is also struggling with this. I would really appreciate some input.