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Google Apps - "Error Retrieving Content"

Google Apps is giving me an Error Retrieving Content code when trying to access it in a Page to embed a Google Slide.  I attached a video of it.

This is what I have done so far: [UPDATED: I am going to keep adding what works up here from other members, too]

  1. Authorized and Deauthorized my Google Account - NO FIX
  2. Cleared my Cache and Cookies - NO FIX
  3. Tried in Incognito Mode - FIXED!!!
  4. Try in FireFox - FIXED!!!
  5. Disable Grammarly Extension in Chrome - FIXES FOR SOME
  6. Disable all extensions -  FIXED!!!
  7. UPDATE EQUATIO extension - FIXED!!!
  8. Disable Read N Write extension - FIXED!!!
  9. Disable LINER - Web/PDF Highlighter - FIXED!!!
  10. Disable Dragon extension - FIXED!!! 

From EQUATIO Lead Developer:  

"If you update to EquatIO Version 20 (the latest from Chrome Web Store) you should be able to safely re-enable EquatIO."



Try disabling them and it should work.

OK Canvas, we got some extensions for you that don't work.  Your turn to try to find out what is similar between them all.


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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Support mentioned that the Grammarly and Dragon extensions were causing this issue. Disabling the Grammarly extension solved this problem for ME, however has not solved the problem for one of my teachers. I asked the teacher to disable ALL of her extensions to see if maybe there is another extension that is causing this error. 

I appreciate the tip! I just ran into this error using the text editor to Embed Kaltura Media. I switched from Chrome to FireFox and all is working. 

Disabling the Grammarly extension solved this problem for us, too. 

I just disabled Grammarly, exited out of Chrome, back in, and tried.  Still same problem.  BUT This time it showed the window of my folders for a split second before it closed it out and gave me the same error.

LINER - Web/PDF Highlighter is another extension that is causing this issue in our district. 

Yep!  Just downloaded it and tried it.  Started throwing me the error. I'll add it to the list.

Surveyor II

We have a similar error moving through my school division. Disabling all extensions has worked for all of our affected users so far, but we've not been able to pinpoint a specific extension. I will try disabling Grammarly and Dragon specifically. It's odd, though...many affected users report they haven't changed anything with regard to their extensions lately. 

Yes, I had not done anything with my extensions, so it just automatically did not work one day. Even when I called Canvas to ask about it they did not know at the time. It was later that day before they emailed me and suggested disabling Grammarly and Dragon.

Wes, have them try disabling Grammarly AND EQUATIO.