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Google Assignment LTI grading issue

When I grade a google assignment LTI submission and then "return" it to the student, the grade then transfers to Canvas like it is supposed to... HOWEVER, the problem is that the grade in Canvas is reflecting a deduction of late points according to when I grade the assignment and not based on when the assignment was submitted by the student.  For example.... assignment due 9/21, all assignments turned in on time. Assignments graded by me on 9/22... Assignments post in Canvas as 1 day late and auto-deduct points according to my gradebook rules. (but based on my actions, not the students) What am I missing here??

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Hello @dinkecl  and welcome to the Community!  The grade status does not sync between Google and Canvas, yet!  (This is still a new release, so they are still working on bugs.)  To change the deductions, go back into the assignment and change the due date to the day you graded it.  The should take the deductions off.   If needed, this link will help you edit the details.

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