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Google Assignments LTI - Permissions

Hi Community,

We're working on rolling out the GoogleAssignments LTI with our staff.  The one feature we are looking for is the ability to monitor student work (e.g. writing) in GoogleDocs in real time.

I have two noticings:

1. The teacher is not able to see the student's work until the student's status is "submitted".

2. As soon a student submits, they are locked from editing the GoogleDoc.

In the Google Assignments release notes, it mentions being able to "Automatically lock work once it’s turned in with permissions management".  However, I'm not finding where we might change these permissions.

Any tips?

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I am also interested in how I can see my students' work in real time. This is a feature I used quite often in Google Classroom and miss very much.  I wonder if students submit, then unsubmit and keep working--would that be the equivalent of students adding a document but not submitting in Google Classroom?


We have found that students can submit and then if the instructor "returns" the work, then it is visible to both parties -- it just seems rather difficult and counterintuitive to ask students to do that at the start of an assignment and then have to go through your whole roster returning each assignment.  If the student "unsubmits" the work, I believe the teacher loses access 😕