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Google Course Kit Beta Testers: Come One Come All!

I'm starting a thread for those Canvas users who also have access to the beta version of Google's Course Kit LTI integration. Just starting to dig in a bit and am interested to see how other's experiences stack up.

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Community Coach

Hi  @matthew_r_mcgol ,

Great idea! I have converted this to a discussion for you as it is probably a better format for something more ongoing (rather than the QA format).

I look forward to hearing peoples thoughts on this.


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It seems the ability to create a copy of an assignment automatically for each student has been dropped. Am I just missing it? I know there are workarounds, but I loved this feature in the previous LTI and in Google Classroom.

That was my experience as as well  @tobrien2 ! I'm wondering if Google plans to keep that just within Google Classroom. As for the rest of the integration so far, I really liked the File Picker as compared to the current Canvas integration as it gives you access to Google #teamdrives‌.

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I realize this is dated material, but can you tell me how the Google Course kit compares to the current Google LTI? I certainly hope it will still involve giving students a copy of an assignment. Yikes!  


What are the benefits of using this Google Course Kit? I have played around with it this morning and I can't seem to come up with any. #needadifferentperspective 

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Thank you Matthew for starting this discussion, I wish I found it sooner. We are also disappointed to see the ability to create a template for each student was not added. The only benefit we found was the ability to add feedback on a live doc, not having to add the comments to a static PDF file within Speedgrader. Also, being able to add files from Team drive is also nice.

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Thanks for starting this conversation... Just installed Course Kit and have time set aside to do a deep dive later this week.  I will share my experience/thoughts here.


I just received an email this morning from Google about an update to add rubrics to course kit. Here is the email that they sent to be shared with instructors:

[Subject] New Course Kit Feature Updates!

Hi instructors, 

Great news! Google has heard your feedback and just added a built-in rubrics feature to Course Kit! All instructors now have access to create, view, and grade with rubrics for Course Kit assignments.

Rubrics Getting Started Guides and FAQs to help you use rubrics:


Your feedback is very important to Google. Remember you can send your feedback directly to Google via the “Send feedback” button in Course Kit. When submitting feedback, include a screenshot and start the feedback report with “Rubrics” so Google knows your feedback is specific to this new feature.

P.S. The Google team has recently added a bunch of other new features to Course Kit. Here are some highlights:

  • Sort the student switcher by first name/last name (launched Q2)
  • Add due-dates to Course Kit assignments (launched Q2)
  • Recall comments from your Comment Bank with auto-suggest text (launched Q2)
  • Learn more about creating and grading assignments using Course Kit through the Help Center 

Check out the Course Kit Community Forum for product updates, FAQs, and support.

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We are looking at implementing Course Kit so I am very interested in hearing about everyone's experiences with it. They mentioned they have a plagiarism checker. Has anyone used it? If so, can you comment on how it compares to Turnitin?