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Google Docs ? when I import/upload to Canvas


I have been using google suite for 4-5 years now ever since district go Chromebooks for English classes. We are switching to Canvas this year and I have been doing some online courses on my home laptop.  

I made a screencast on a Google Doc that I have and while I was editing it in the RICH TEXT box on my screencast, I was able to use the toolbars above for different colors for different parts of the assignment and giving imaginary directions to the students. However, when I make the assignment and publish it in Canvas it has no toolbars above like in a Google Doc.   This is a problem for when students go to do assignments. I tried putting an assignment on the Calendar and same problem; it does not open to a Google Doc.

Will it show up for them on their Chromebooks as a Google Doc automatically.  Do they have to somehow get to edit and the RICH text box?  What am I missing?  Is it obvious, or not possible?

Thank you,

Jay Demtrak

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