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Google Drive Cloud Assignments Not Showing on App, Show Up on Desktop


I have created a few Google Drive Cloud assignments on Canvas and am trying to grade them with Speed Grader. When I use the desktop version of Canvas, the Google document appears along with annotation tools. However, when I use the Canvas Teacher app, the assignment does not appear. I have tried doing this via the Chrome mobile app (Canvas website) and the assignment appears,  but the annotation tools do not. 

I have the latest version of iOS on both my phone and my iPad as well as the latest version of Canvas. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the Canvas Teacher app and it still does not work. 

Any suggestions?



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi! I'm sorry that you're experiencing some setbacks with Google Assignments. While I'm unable to provide an answer, the kind people at Canvas Support will be able to help! Submit a ticket and ask your local admin to escalate it to Instructure on your behalf. How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?