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Google Form Assignment Submission Type

I embedded a Google Form as an assignment but I not sure what the how to indicate the submission type in the drop down.  Do I need to go through the external tool option? I would like students to receive full credit for completing the form.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

@leighdelaney ...

Hello!  Unfortunately, I do not believe that Google Forms fully integrate with Canvas.  You can add a Google form to a page in Canvas via embed code, but if you are asking students to submit information to you via that form, the information collected in the form is not sent to a Canvas assignment or shown in the SpeedGrader.  Any information collected in the Google Form is stored on Google's server...not in Canvas.  So, you'd have to go back to your Google account in order to retrieve those responses.

The Google Apps LTI external tool that integrates with Canvas allows you to embed/attach files from your Google account into Canvas such as word processed documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.  But, forms don't appear to be an option.  Again, you can embed forms on pages, but Canvas won't collect any of the responses from those forms.

I'm hoping that this information will be of help to you in some way.  Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

Thanks for the fast response.  Yes, I see that I can embed the form - which is nice.  What I hoped was to be able to have them complete the Google Form so that I could later easily access a spreadsheet with their responses (which is what I am after).  However, from the Canvas side I was hoping to see credit automatically applied for completion.  I will set it as a paper assignment and simply work through the Canvas speed grader to apply credit.  I think that will work. 

Thanks again,