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Google LTI 1.3 issues and other issues

I need help so I can better help support my teachers. We are new to Canvas an most of our teachers are moving from Google Classroom. That being said, most of our teachers are using Google LTI 1.3 issues since they have built so much of their resources using Google Applications.. We have come across so many issues with no answers. I hope anyone can she some light:

1. Google LTI 1.3 duplication assignment duplication (one marked missing, one marked submitted)

2. Documents submitted under another person's name. We are assuming that a private gmail was "linked" to the assignment. How does this happen when we are thinking that this will not happen inside a private platform. What is the fix? How do you identify to whom that assignment was submitted for?

3. Attached document (copy was made for each student) not available on the student end. On the teacher's end, there is an attachment and it is says "assigned".

4. Google LTI 1.3 not assigned to all students in the course card even if it was assigned to "everyone".

Other Canvas Issues:

1. Assignment was created and published. When pulling into a module, assignment is not there (Add Assignment).

2. Any changes with formatting on a home page does not appear to respond right away w/o logging in and out of the platform or refreshing.


Any insights will be appreciated!

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Surveyor II

We are encountering a lot of the same issues - especially the duplication one you present in 1, 3, and 4. I would love more insight on it from someone else.

For #2, took us a while, but figured it out. When a teacher launches Google Assignments LTI where the screen has all the students "submitted, missing, etc." - in the upper right corner there are 3 dots. Click them, and then manage people. You can remove the private accounts that way.

Thank you! Definitely a big piece of information.